Lighter vehicles are an important contribution to reducing fuel consumption. This applies to both passenger cars as well as trucks. This will be even more important in the future.

As designs must be lighter while managing the same or greater loads compared to earlier designs the demands of technology level, knowledge and experience, in order to provide a competitive solution increases correspondingly. The same applies to casting of parts with high soundness requirements. These kinds of challenges our engineers daily help our customers to meet.

We help our customers to achieve their goals as an integrated part of their development. Using CAD and casting simulation, our engineers are able to develop the tooling and processes required before the production is started.

Finding innovative solutions to defined problems even before production has begun not only saves time. It reduces the risk of problems during development. When times from development to deployment are constantly getting shorter and margins are decreasing, there is rarely room for problems. Efficient and rational processes are a must. Therefore, our working motto is – right first time. It saves time, costs and increase competitiveness.

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