Well-defined processes – Increased stability

Efficient and well designed processes through the entire production from melting to finished product is the core of our company. As in building construction is the basis, ie melting and metal treatment, very important for an end result to reach targets without surprises.


Our use of first grade raw materials, induction melting and state-of-the-art metal treatment and have our melt shop processes under control is therefore a necessity, of course.
Our sand core production work to the same principles and, have like our die-casting a high automation level. At the factory in Charlottenberg we have some twenty tilt casting machines in sizes from medium to among the largest in the world, large LPDC machines and a sand casting facility for prototyping and small series production. Most casting machines are integrated into complete automated lines allowing a streamlined efficient production. Our automated heat treatment facility with its process control allows us to deliver safety parts to the automotive industry. Our machining is of the the same class. All together this guarantees good quality and a efficient production process, resulting in competitiveness.