Low pressure die-casting Gravity Die-Casting

The Fundo plant in Charlottenberg is one of Europes most modern facilities for low pressure die-casting of goods within our product areas. This casting method is the most common choice for casting with rotation-symetric shape. It enables us to keep an effective, efficient production of high and stable quality in both medium and large sized volumes. Our current low-pressure casting capacity is about 4,000 tons of aluminum castings per year.

Metal is fed into the cavity from the holding furnace, which in this case is placed under the casting machines. The furnace is pressurized controlled by the casting machines control system and the metal rises up through one or more riser tubes into the die and the result is a well-controlled filling with no or very low turbulence.
Low pressure casting provides excellent conditions for directional solidification, thus reducing the risk of porosity and a better casting yield than conventional methods. The technology is ideal for medium to large, preferably rotation-symmetric shapes. As for tilt cast parts the rapid solidification gives a fine structure with good mechanical properties that can be further improved by heat treatment.


Benefits of low-pressure die-casting

  • Controlled metal filling with very low turbulence
  • Directional solidification of the metal
  • Normally very good metal exchange
  • Good structural properties
  • Can be heat treated

Typical applications - low-pressure die-casting

  • Drive Line Products
  • Chassis Products
  • Rotation symetric shapes
  • Medium to large parts

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