Developing prototypes together with a skilled series supplier provides significant value since adaptation to a mass production process can be done earlier and more integrated, saving costs, shortens the total time and increases the likelihood of success. Fundo has its own prototype capabilities.

In our department for prototypes and short series / low volume production there is a complete manual moulding sand foundry for casting of details up to about 50 kg in cold hardening moulds , or in core packages. The patterns are usually made of plastic. All the alloys used in Fundo can also be used in sand casting and delivered either as casted or as heat-treated goods. Strength Properties will be slightly reduced in sand casting, when compared to gravity die-casting because of the lower solidification rate. This can be partially attended to with the use of chills made of suitable material.



  • Prototypes from a competent series supplier provides significant additional value

  • Inhouse prototype capabilities – complete hand molding sand casting

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